Water Survival Training Fishing IndustryMcMillan Offshore Survival Training, (MOST) a safety and survival training company, is pleased to provide the following information pertaining to our company. Since the mid 1970′s we have trained over 70,000 personnel and have built an international reputation as a leader in safety education and survival training methods.

The company is guided by John McMillan who has over 21 years experience conducting emergency preparedness training courses. As the United States’ Representative to the International Association for Safety and Survival Training, MOST continues to educate our instructors in the latest information pertaining to safety of life at sea. This insures we are providing our trainees with the most current information available to industry.

Training is the vehicle to survival. When the mental and physical are jointly cultivated, they give rise to extraordinary human capabilities. Students with outdoor lifestyles will be glad to know that many of the skills learned in our program can be taught to their families.

We know that our training has made a difference with our current customers and we are prepared to provide this same level of instruction to your employees. They will “Thank You” for the opportunity to learn skills that will get them back home to their families in case of an emergency.

We are confident that you will find our courses beneficial to establishing marine and aviation safety procedures within your organization. Just ask any of the 70,000 trainees!

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